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Some of the issues associated with use of social media tools

Social net working sites like face book use real name and other personal information such as DOB current address and telephone number and some sites allow to provide information such as interest, hobbies .Due to these type of information these sites have security and privacy issues. These sites invite user to participate in form of messages, invitation and photos sharing. most social net working sites require user to agree to terms of use policy before they may use their service making it difficult to delete an account and holding on to data after an account de activated and being caught sharing information with third parties.


Benefits of using video sharing sites such as you Tube for library

Video sharing sites have many benefits for library, You Tube is popular video sharing website. In libraries webpage people discover, watch and share originally-created videos. It provides a forum for people of different places to connect, inform, and inspire others and make library a global world.Through video sharing libraries become closer to each other.

The most good thing about video sharing is that user can search without creating you tube account.In libraries user can subscribe to the channels where user can receive automatic updates to that channels.People can watch videos of new books put in the library.