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Benefits of photo sharing for the library

Photo sharing sites such as Flickr or InStagram have two main goals. Help the people to make their photos available to other and organizing photos  and can viewed photos without creating an account.so, in this way photo have many benefits for libraries for example they can show photos of their collection, They can show their events and services user can involved by this way and aware of their upcoming events.

Libraries can show photos of their progress and can give sneak peek of upcoming event and exibition to show their user all the hard work they are doing. Libraries can share photos of their staff which are ready to help user.


Benefits of using social networking site facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media all over the world, because it gives people the power to share information and make the world more open and connected. so, in the libraries there are many benefits using social networking sites face book.

On there face book page libraries are providing information about present events and sharing photos of these events.

A library can use face book to build an online community where they can share professional information and current event information.

Libraries could use face book to promote public relations, marketing and promotion.

Libraries could use this social media to increase remote access to those who are not there.