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Reflection on the unit

The whole social media unit is lot more for me. We all learnt and aware of many things which we don’t know.I only know about face book and twitter through this unit I learnt  about you tube , photo sharing and blog. The most appealing unit for me is blog. It is safe way to engage social activity and you can create your interest blog.It will help me in future. Libraries are using social media successfully and engaging their user. I am surprised to see the photo sharing site Historypin where libraries are preserving their history through history photos, video and audio recording.It is very good that young generation can see their history through this site.


Some of the issues associated with use of social media tools

Social net working sites like face book use real name and other personal information such as DOB current address and telephone number and some sites allow to provide information such as interest, hobbies .Due to these type of information these sites have security and privacy issues. These sites invite user to participate in form of messages, invitation and photos sharing. most social net working sites require user to agree to terms of use policy before they may use their service making it difficult to delete an account and holding on to data after an account de activated and being caught sharing information with third parties.

Benefits of micro blogging sites such as twitter for the library

Micro blogging is short and quick way of sending information . It is like text messaging but it is different in this way in micro blogging you can listen to the ideas and thoughts of others and participate if you choose to .

Twitter is an example of a micro blogging site, where ‘tweet’ or messages are limited to 140 characters.

Micro blogging is more popular because it is portable you can tweet on your mobile phone and you know quickley the current information. Twitter has played a vital role in keeping people safe during disasters and tragedies. User can upload and updates images of events in real time.

Micro blogging has many benefits for the library. In libraries they advertise their upcoming event and share photos of current event where tweeter can participate by giving their comments.

Libraries can introduce their upcoming books events and books of their famous writer .

Understanding of social media

Hi , after three week  I am little bit familiar with social media. Social media brings whole world closer to each other and this is a world where we all live together without boundary, we can interact with each other and share information via virtual communities and network .Social media uses web based and mobile technologies to allow people to share and exchange information, as well as to create and modify content.Human are social animals we can’t live along and we want some one who live with us and through social media we can seek out like- minded people with shared interest, sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences. People connect each other  via a social media.Social media is playing very important role in immigrant people like us who are living far a away from their homeland through social media we are always with them . we share every event with them. I  read my favorite megazine through their face book page ,latest fashions and my cooking recipies