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Benefits of using social networking site facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media all over the world, because it gives people the power to share information and make the world more open and connected. so, in the libraries there are many benefits using social networking sites face book.

On there face book page libraries are providing information about present events and sharing photos of these events.

A library can use face book to build an online community where they can share professional information and current event information.

Libraries could use face book to promote public relations, marketing and promotion.

Libraries could use this social media to increase remote access to those who are not there.


Understanding of social media

Hi , after three week  I am little bit familiar with social media. Social media brings whole world closer to each other and this is a world where we all live together without boundary, we can interact with each other and share information via virtual communities and network .Social media uses web based and mobile technologies to allow people to share and exchange information, as well as to create and modify content.Human are social animals we can’t live along and we want some one who live with us and through social media we can seek out like- minded people with shared interest, sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences. People connect each other  via a social media.Social media is playing very important role in immigrant people like us who are living far a away from their homeland through social media we are always with them . we share every event with them. I  read my favorite megazine through their face book page ,latest fashions and my cooking recipies